22 Nov 2013

Disable Right Click (Classic Template)

Assalamualaikum =D

Hey guys!It's looks like wanna rain overhere.How about you there?It's fine.Are you pink in health?Today,I will make tutorial for classic template users.So if you are using the classic template,you can read this tutorial.For today I write tutorial about Disable Right Click for Classic Template users.So are you ready?Come on!

1.Go to the Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.

2.Next,search the below codes.

3.Got it?Do you found the codes?Great!Then,delete the codes that you have searched and replace it with the below codes.
<body oncontextmenu='return false;'> 

4.Press Save Template.Go to your blog and try to right click.When you right click,it must nothing happen,I mean no menu.Understand?

Hopefully you understand what I have wrote in 
this tutorial.Bye and see you soon! :)

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